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Why We Age:

What Science Is Discovering about the Body's Journey Through Life

"Austad's book can be read with pleasure and profit by any intelligent person with a smattering of biological knowledge."


—Science magazine

"In this clear, engrossing overview, Austad takes the sting out of a subject that will ultimately capture us all."


Publishers Weekly

Real People Don't Own Monkeys:

And Other Stories of Pets, Their People and the Vets Who See It All

How do you get a recalcitrant tiger out from under your bed? 


These true stories evoke the hilarious, often poignant world of a veteran veterinarian where pet owners play as large a role as the pets themselves. Not only does Dr. Kiklevich treat traditional pets, she also cares for all kinds of exotic animals, from tigers to pythons and even tarantulas.

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